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Professional employee communication across multiple messaging channels

In today’s fast-moving world, companies would like to keep their employees informed as promptly and transparently as possible — no matter whether it’s a regular newsletter from the company director, emergency notifications, updates on restructuring or invitations to the annual summer party. But many HR departments continue to rely on their email clients for internal communication. However, this offers extremely limited options, both in terms of layout and personalization. Using web-based tools like Retarus WebExpress, companies can reach their internal target groups in the blink of an eye, addressing them personally across multiple messaging channels.

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Business Trends

All Hands on Deck?! Efficient Customer Communication at Sea

Anchors aweigh! More and more travelers are choosing to reach their holiday destination by ship, and benefitting from the high level of relaxation offered by this means of travel. For the organization and planning of a trip, efficient communication with customers is taking on a strategic role. Retarus WebExpress facilitates quick and reliable messaging for shipping lines.

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