BITKOM Study: Digitalization as an Opportunity?

Around 95 percent of all companies see digitalization as providing opportunities. This is shown in a recent study by the digital association BITKOM, which was published to coincide with this year’s hub conference.

Implementation of digital strategies still inadequate

While BITKOM confirms that 37 percent of companies in the automotive, banking, media, pharmaceutical and tourism sectors see themselves as pioneers of digitalization, many companies still have great difficulties in implementing their digital strategies. Approximately 56 percent of survey participants see themselves as rather straggling behind with regard to digitalization, while another 8 percent actually perceive themselves to be trailing far behind others. Amongst the biggest barriers to digitalization are regulatory requirements, according to 81 percent of banks and 61 percent of pharmaceutical companies. However, the automobile industry also sees a need for improvement in this regard. Car manufacturers criticize the fact that they lack a legal framework, for example regarding liability issues for self-driving cars. This is a real dilemma. In order to remain competitive over the long term in the age of digital transformation, companies are expected to be able to fulfill individual customer requirements faster than ever. In order to do so, companies urgently need to implement a holistic digital strategy which takes changes in technology, competition and staffing requirements into consideration.

Dependable communication processes required

Specialized service providers offer companies valuable support in the digitalization of their business processes. With the assistance of Retarus‘ cloud services it is possible to bundle, consolidate and digitalize communication processes without too much effort or expense. Companies benefit not only from the high quality, security and efficiency of the services, but also from optimal levels of reliability, flexibility and transparency – resulting in significantly optimized business processes across the entire value chain.

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