How Unified is Unified Communications?

How Unified is Unified Communications?

It doesn’t take a genius or even a CompTIA Security+ certification to understand that many companies are shifting to Unified Communications. The Unified Communications (UC) market is expected to grow by over $60 Billion (with a B) by 2023, according to a recent market research provided by Global Market Insights. The US represents 35% of this global UC increase, and 60% of the projected growth of the total market in enterprise organizations.

One important communication channel is missing: Fax

Increasingly, large and small organizations are understanding the superior value of cloud solutions, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) eliminates most of the CAPEX required to deploy UC. UCaaS is one of the technology strategies that can really maximize ROI. In addition it is more affordable, widely accessible, flexible and truly viable for all sizes of businesses.

Despite the benefits provided by the majority of large well known UC organizations, one important communication channel is missing from their standard offering: Fax. Unified Communications systems like Skype for Business, Cisco’s CallManager, and Avaya’s Aura, currently do not support secure fax messaging. For organizations looking to pursue a complete cloud UC solution, fax is the step-child left out on the side of the road.

What are the options? Leave your existing independent fax infrastructure in place?

Sure, just need to purchase the connector to your UC solution. And continue to pay maintenance, hardware/software upgrades, support costs, and don’t forget about the effort of managing separate systems. Is your current legacy system secure enough for today’s requirements? Seems like a fair bit of work for something so antiquated but still very important.

The other option is Retarus. Hosted Fax messaging Cloud Communication technology which can lower operating costs, ensure better client services, reduce data redundancy, and solve scaling issues. Retarus provides proven software integration with most major UCaaS systems.

Adding Retarus hosted messaging helps complete the Unification in UC. Integrating fax with email and instant messaging helps customer-facing employees, such as front office executives, sales reps, and agents, utilize client data in the most effective manner.

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