It wouldn’t have happened with Retarus

It wouldn’t have happened with Retarus

Nobody’s perfect — not even a tier-1 carrier. That’s why Retarus doesn’t rely on just one of these for connecting to its data centers. CloudFlare, the content delivery network, was forced to eat humble pie in recent days and apologize to its customers for massive outages. However, the problem actually lay with the carrier that CloudFlare uses for around half of its Internet traffic. It seems that one of the carrier’s engineers configured a router incorrectly, generating massive package losses – a classic case of human error. And let’s face it — it could happen to anyone.

Better safe than sorry

To ensure that you, as a Retarus customer, don’t even notice the occurrence of an error like this, each of the main data centers in our global delivery network uses carrier-grade equipment and is connected to three tier-1 carriers. Our active carrier management guarantees that you receive a unique combination of reliable availability, minimum delivery times, international network coverage, compliance with regional regulations and the best possible price-performance ratio.

All systems operational

We rely on the mission-critical solutions that we have been creating and enhancing for you our customers since our establishment as an information logistics provider in 1992. So much so that the status of our systems can be checked on our website by anyone at any time. It doesn’t get more transparent than this. You can find out more about Retarus Cloud Services by clicking here or from your local Retarus contact person.

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