Partnering With Retarus Pays Off

Partnering With Retarus Pays Off

Sales is a complex skill, with many moving parts and numerous avenues though which success can be found. Retarus employs multiple business segments within its Sales department to ensure their premier cloud offerings reach all prospects and future customers. One of those aforementioned business segments is Indirect Sales where the team is responsible for the health of the relationships within the Channel between Master Agents, Sub Agents, Partners, and Resellers.

Retarus and PlanetOne’s trusted partnership: Over the years, Retarus has cultivated a flourishing partnership with PlanetOne, the master agent known for their highly successful Tech Tours and networking events designed to connect agents and suppliers to establish relationships, and uncover opportunities. Being a master agent, PlanetOne manages an expansive network of the top agents around the world. Thanks to their strong relationship with Retarus, PlanetOne introduced ASG, a subagent with extensive telecom experience and a fax opportunity with one of the top insurers in the world.

Persistence is Key to Success: Three years ago, ASG uncovered an opportunity to replace the fax infrastructure at a major American insurance provider. With deftness, persistence, and expert knowledge, Retarus was able to migrate the prospect from their on-premise fax servers to the Retarus Cloud, eliminating their hardware, software, licensing, and maintenance fees, and significantly reducing their total capital expenditures.

Relationships Make all the Difference: The prospect had no prior experience implementing a cloud-based solution across their massive, multi-location organization. Beyond establishing the value of the product, Retarus worked in close connection with their contacts at the customer to walk them through each step of the implementation process. Retarus made sure that not only every phase of implementation went smoothly, but also that the client was taken care of. Their happiness is Retarus’ success. Going live is only the beginning. Retarus is committed to providing world-class 24/7 support and account management. Maintaining satisfaction ensures a long-term, strong relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Read the entire PlanetOne newsletter here. To find out more about our partnership program, contact our team experts.

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