4th Annual Retarus All Wrapped up Event

4th Annual Retarus All Wrapped up Event

By James Pepe

On Thursday, 29 November, you may have thought that Santa’s workshop was relocated to Secaucus. NJ! The sound of presents being wrapped, joyful conversation, and charitable giving was that not of elves but rather retarus (North America) Inc.’s 4th Annual All Wrapped Up event.

Each year, the New Jersey office sponsors a list of individuals and families in need through The Bergen Volunteer Center (an organization that turns caring into meaningful action by engaging volunteers to meet community needs). Every employee chooses for whom they will purchase presents, with ages ranging from infant to senior. Retarus then matches that, and sponsors additional individuals.

Over the past 4 years, retarus (North America) Inc. and its employees has sponsored 245 people and families, having donated over 500 presents! This year alone, 52 individuals were sponsored by 29 employees and Retarus matched 16 additional individuals.

As the time approaches where we spend cherished moments with family and loved ones and enjoy a welcomed respite from the office, it’s important to recognize how we can do our part to improve the world around us. Sometimes the best way to make a big change is through small acts of kindness. Nothing replenishes the soul as much as giving back more than you take. There is a profound tranquility that comes with supporting honorable charities and simply bringing a smile to another’s face.

On that note, Retarus wishes everyone a safe and joyous holiday season. May all our hearts grow even bigger for next year.