A Strong Partnership: Paragon Customer Communications and Retarus

A Strong Partnership: Paragon Customer Communications and Retarus

Paragon Customer Communications DACH & CEE has completed the comprehensive and native integration of Retarus’ messaging portfolio into its services. This means that Paragon customers can now combine traditional dialog marketing components with professional Cloud Messaging Services provided by the Retarus Enterprise Cloud – all obtained from a single source.

Paragon provides omnichannel solutions and services for customer and employee communications. Services include individual dialog communication (print and online), the management and personalized sending of documents (document output), as well as data analysis, control, and storage. These solutions are primarily designed for customers in the financial services, public sector, telecommunications, and utilities industries.

As a first step in the German-speaking DACH region, customers can now benefit from the highest delivery rates and transaction-secure reporting by using the Retarus Messaging Platform with Transactional Email, Cloud Fax, and Enterprise SMS. This crucially benefits Service and Support departments, improving long-term customer satisfaction. Among other things, Retarus operates its own global carrier and ISP management system. In the case of transactional emails, functions such as Smart Delivery Optimization provide support by automatically adapting sending behavior to the requirements of the receiving ISP, thereby reducing the number of bounces.

The partnership also brings additional added value through project-related cooperation with Retarus’ Integration and Automation division. The first joint projects have already been successfully implemented for electronic invoicing using Retarus Transactional Email, offering Paragon customers new ways to process, automate, and send documents.

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