Dream Team: Retarus Fax2Mail and HP ePrint

Dream Team: Retarus Fax2Mail and HP ePrint

Retarus Fax2Mail is also a great way to address multifunction printers. The secure cloud service ePrint, for example, gives web-enabled printers from Hewlett-Packard their own email address to which print jobs can be sent.

Once the email address given by the ePrint service has been assigned in Fax2Mail, incoming faxes are forwarded as emails to HP printers connected with the internet (via ethernet or WiFi), where they are printed automatically. This can be very useful, for instance if a hard copy of every incoming fax needs to be archived. Or if one is working from the home office due to the coronavirus crisis and consequently doesn’t have access to the departmental printer at the company office.

More information on ePrint can be found in the HP customer service knowledge bank. Mail2Fax is also able to communicate in the same manner with comparable services offered by other printer manufacturers. Beyond this, cloud fax services have a wide range of other advantages compared with running one’s own on-premise fax infrastructure. You can find out more about cloud fax from our website or directly from your local Retarus representative.


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