Fax is a surprise guest at your Election Day Party

Fax is a surprise guest at your Election Day Party

With the United States Presidential Election coming up on November 8th, many people are gearing up for the same thing: Election Parties. As with every four years, Election Parties big and small will rely on food delivery services as to not miss a minute of the action. In 2012, according to research compiled by an online food delivery service for The Huffington Post, orders for dinner election night was between 15 and 20 percent higher than on most Tuesday nights. Across the country, order volume peaked just as the polls closed.

But, this “order-in” phenomenon was outmatched by another political event that year. According to Politico the first presidential debate in 2012 attracted such a large TV audience that it rose delivery volume in Boston by a whopping 41 percent that night. Regardless of whom you support, it seems like politics causes people to eat!

But, what you might not realize as you eat pizza or wings and anxiously wait for Anderson Cooper to call Ohio, is that these food delivery services carefully leverages faxing services to provide high levels of scalability. What does fax have to do with food delivery you might ask? Fax continues to be the backbone of the online food ordering operations. When an order is entered online, the next step is that your food order is faxed to your local restaurant. Most local restaurants only have fax machines as a way to receive your food order. At the heart of it is Retarus.

Retarus provides major online food services with enterprise-level faxing services. With unlimited scalability, proprietary Never Busy Technology delivery system, and flexible SLAs, Retarus ensures complete delivery in time for the most stressful moments of the election. Take it from us, the race to a majority of 538 electoral votes is always better with some ice cream.

As a final note, did you know that if you are eligible you can vote online or via fax? If you are in uniform or an overseas American, which is not based in their home state on Nov 8th, you may vote online or by fax. For more information of how to register go to overseasvotefoundation.org.

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