Higher throughput rates for faxes: How Retarus is waging war on the “user busy” message

Higher throughput rates for faxes: How Retarus is waging war on the “user busy” message

To get around the problems associated with high volume fax transmissions, companies are increasingly opting for virtual cloud-based solutions. In this way, capacity bottlenecks can be easily compensated for: Because Cloud-Fax providers, such as Retarus, can set up their connections to the telephone companies in such a way that optimum broadband width is available at any time. “Faxing from the Cloud” customers also benefit from numerous additional features, which cause error rates to be significantly reduced. One example of this is Retarus’s own Never-Busy-Technology. Thanks to this function, the number of “busy” lines – and thereby the number of unsent faxes – is reduced to a minimum.

When faxes are sent on a large scale, they block one another out

The background to this is the following scenario: Fax machines can typically only receive incoming documents sequentially. So for each connected line, basically only one transmission process can happen at a time. This always causes a problem with mass fax transmissions to the same number. In the context of large-scale fax campaigns, or where automated order confirmations are sent via SAP connections, this situation is far from uncommon. A widespread conventional fax solution in this situation has been to continue dialing the number in quick succession until the transmission was eventually successful. Practice has shown that many transmissions fail as a result of this phenomenon despite the use of automatic redial. If, for example, four faxes were to be sent to the same number at the same time, one would go through straight away, while the other three would get the “busy” message – caused by the sender’s own fax campaign. Two minutes later, a further attempt would be made to send the remaining documents, but yet again only one would get through to the recipient, leaving the others waiting in line.

Never-Busy-Technology reduces errors in high-volume fax transmissions

To break this vicious circle, the Never-Busy-Technology from Retarus now comes into play. Faxes are not sent simultaneously, but are rather automatically sent one after the other in quick succession, in an exactly predetermined order. The intelligent infrastructure function detects exactly which of the numerous fax lines is currently connected with which number. So pending faxes are lined up directly behind the current transmission. The special feature: The system as a whole not only works within the jobs of an individual customer, but rather across the complete Retarus infrastructure for all sent fax tasks. So if several companies send a fax to the same number at the same time, they will not impede one another. Experience has shown that Never-Busy-Technology reduces error rates for fax transmissions by up to ten percent.

The function forms part of the standard scope of the Retarus services and comes into use in all fax solutions. You can learn more about the individual Retarus Cloud Fax Services here, or directly from your local Retarus contact person.

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