New? Or only washed with AI?

New? Or only washed with AI?

“Artificial intelligence”, particularly of the generative variety such as ChatGPT and similar services, is on everybody’s lips these days. This has enticed many software and service providers to re-orchestrate their entire product marketing to the tune of AI – even when there is barely a note of AI in the products they are labeling with it.

Retarus has taken a conscious decision to avoid this kind of “AI washing”. Of course, we do market with AI in some instances, but only where it actually comes into play. For instance, with the sandboxing function belonging to our Email Security service. Or with our IDP platform (Intelligent Document Processing). In the latter case, our use of AI primarily takes the form of good old machine learning, enabling us to provide even better data to our customers.

For our software-as-a-service products, we otherwise rely on intelligence of the natural kind, rather than artificial. This means the expertise of our developers and technicians, the emotional intelligence of our support colleagues and service managers, and the foresight of our management team and controlling department. As technology progressively becomes commoditized and indistinguishable, it is people who increasingly make the difference.

Without doubt, AI is going to change the world, especially the IT world. However, this will certainly not change the fact that people and machines need to transmit information securely and reliably. And that’s been our specialty, since 1992. In a way, that’s reassuring.

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