New ransomware variant wreaks havoc in Spain

New ransomware variant wreaks havoc in Spain

A targeted ransomware attack has succeeded in encrypting the networks of at least two companies in Spain, with the impact extending far wider.

According to a report published by “Ars Technica”, the blackmail malware captured the IT services and consulting company Everis, an NTT subsidiary, as well as the radio company Cadena SER amongst others. As a consequence, several other companies such as the airport operator Aena took the precautionary step of shutting down various services (one reason being that Everis staff are often based on site at their clients).

Following analysis of the latest attacks, security experts assume that the ransomware causing the damage is a variant of the BitPaymer group of malware and used Dridex as a vehicle to achieve a targeted infiltration of the companies’ networks. As with malware like Emotet – “Heise online” has just published a very instructive background piece [in German] – in the vast majority of cases, the initial infection or penetration results from an email either containing an infected document as an attachment or a link to download it.

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