Process PZD findings in real time

Process PZD findings in real time

Our “Patient Zero Detection”® patented throughout Europe will from now on not only be able to detect malware in emails that have already been delivered, but also to automatically move or delete those messages.

For this purpose, we have developed a piece of software that allows you to create and execute appropriate rules in Exchange environments. “PZD Real-Time Response” offers detailed, standardized information via administrator notification to support automatic processes used to remove emails from the server. The text for alerts is configurable and enables the distribution of behavior recommendations that can be easily understood and quickly implemented.

The tool helps administrators and users respond quickly to threats identified retrospectively and makes IT forensics easier. Overall, PZD Real-Time Response increases protection through swift response to identified emails. Remember: A malware’s signature is still unknown the first time it appears, even to the best virus scanners. In combination with quadruple AntiVirus MultiScan, Patient Zero Detection® uses a digital fingerprint to identify emails containing malware that have already been delivered. Relevant alerts are sent according to customer settings. Retarus has been granted a Europe-wide patent for this innovative development.

You can get further information about our Secure EmailPlatform on our website or directly from your local contact person.

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