Push notifications now also in conjunction with SMTP adapter

Push notifications now also in conjunction with SMTP adapter

Retarus E-Mail for Applications is now additionally able to provide senders with the status of transmitted messages via push notification (WebHook) when an SMTP adapter is employed.

Although this enhancement was actually only slated for February 2019 in the roadmap, our developers have succeeded in completing the feature earlier than originally expected. In terms of content, the responses are naturally restricted by the capabilities of the SMTP transmission standard .

Any additional metadata – such as a campaign ID or information on open or link tracking– can only be utilized in conjunction with a connection via REST, which in contrast to SMTP also handles the rendering of the sent emails for the E-Mail for Applications service from the structured data that has been transferred.

The configuration of the push notifications for SMTP is carried out by Retarus on the domain level. This also applies to custom HTTP headers, which can additionally be included in the configuration as and when required.

Retarus E-Mail for Applications enables the sending of large volumes of email directly out of business applications while maintaining an excellent reputation and high delivery rate (certified by the CSA) by way of Retarus’ Global Delivery Network. Should you be interested in receiving more information on this service, please feel free to get in touch with your local Retarus representative.

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