Reputation Management: What we do for your Sender Score

Reputation Management: What we do for your Sender Score

Anyone wanting or needing to send out a large number of emails at one time will crucially require a high sender reputation, to ensure they are not slowed down or even blocked on suspicion of being a spammer. Retarus Transactional Email (formerly Retarus Email for Applications) ensures a high sender score, improves your reputation management and therefore leads to a better inbox placement.

Recently, we already explained why we joined the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) – as a provider for the transmission of your transactional and marketing emails, our CSA membership places us on positive lists at major mailbox providers, meaning a better inbox placement rate for your campaigns. This has been a crucial aspect enabling us to improve the reputation management of our customers.

Yet that is only a fraction of what we do in terms of reputation management concerning our E-Mail for Applications service, to make sure that the Sender Score for your sender domains stays high.

For the transmission, we use a domain which belongs to you and is controlled by you. The technical sender address and that one shown to the recipient are identical, so any SPF and DKIM checks on the recipient side are not only mathematically correct, but indeed authentic. The concealment of a deceitful sender can thus be ruled out by spam filters. Retarus enables a more effective reputation management, increasing significantly your inbox placement.

The sender address is also significant for the IP routing. Imagine you sent all your email traffic – irrespective of whether it’s transactional or marketing, from the parent company or the subsidiary, for recipients in Western Europe, Eastern Europe or Asia – from one single IP address. Should this mail server (for whatever reason) end up on a blacklist, then to start with nothing will work at all.

We prevent this kind of total shutdown through “IP-Routing by Sender Domain”. You can use a centralized access to our service infrastructure and still distribute your messages by means of multiple sender domains to different IP addresses. In this way, you drastically reduce the repercussions such a potential blacklisting would have on your business.

Sender score deliverability graphic from

A high sender score has a direct impact on the inbox rate. Source: ReturnPath

Another central element for the safeguarding of your sender reputation are what we call suppression lists. Repeatedly sending messages to non-existing or invalid email addresses is judged by ISPs to be a clear signal for the disregarding of bounce messages and poor distribution list management affecting negatively your sender score. This inevitably triggers counter-measures that could have been prevented with a better reputation management.

The CSA, for instance, specifies a bounce rate of no more than 1 percent per ISP, which already poses a serious challenge for many companies. Our suppression lists store erroneous recipient email addresses temporarily and block renewed messages to the same address before they can be sent. That provides you with some time to maintain your distribution lists and ensure that you don’t generate any needless bounces.

What’s more, we also offer numerous other filters and technologies which help to best protect your reputation, keep your business running smoothly and achieve an optimum inbox placement rate.

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