Digital Health 2022: Retarus Showcased Healthcare Expertise at the Latest Reuters Event

Digital Health 2022: Retarus Showcased  Healthcare Expertise at the Latest Reuters Event

Retarus was a Gold Sponsor at Digital Health 2022, the event recently held by Reuters in San Diego (Mission Bay Resort, 26 – 27 April 2022).

The theme of Digital Health 2022 was Realizing the Potential of Technology in Healthcare. The attendees came together to set the standard for the delivery of quality virtual, predictive, affordable, and equitable care. They converged to realize the transformative potential of technology in healthcare.

With more than 40 speakers and 30 live sessions over two days of networking, it was a great opportunity for Retarus to showcase their Cloud Messaging Platform in front of an audience of 300+ executives across the healthcare and technology landscape. One particular highlight was a 20-minute discussion lead by Thomas Tellert (VP Strategy, Retarus) and Kandarp Patel (Director of Information Technology, Labcorp).

In their talk, Thomas and Kandarp delved into “Digitizing Legacy Communications to Streamline Patient Care and Healthcare Operations.” As discussed in their fireside chat, communications is the foundation of driving successful outcomes inside of the healthcare ecosystem and leveraging the right techniques for all populations is critical to building successful care delivery. Furthermore, they noted that leveraging new tools—such as Cloud and AI—bolsters automated, reliable, and interoperable workflows. To conclude, they posited that there is a direct correlation between improved communication and patient outcomes, employee satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Successful healthcare organizations depend on agile and secure communication processes for digitized and automated workflows. The Retarus Messaging Platform opens new dimensions for fast and reliable exchange of business-critical messages. Regardless if it is between people, machines, and applications, or with patients, customers, colleagues, and suppliers.

Learn how the Retarus Messaging Platform is the perfect solution to modernize healthcare communications.


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