Retarus continues worldwide hiring spree

Retarus continues worldwide hiring spree

Retarus is currently recruiting an increasing number of new employees. In the current 2020 fiscal year alone we are expanding our team by over 100 new colleagues. Never before since our company was founded in 1992 have there been so many new hires within a single year.

Especially in the healthcare, commerce, transport, and logistics sectors, we have witnessed substantial growth in the demand for digital communication solutions which enable companies to exchange information securely and dependably by way of email, fax, SMS, or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). To continue optimizing our innovative range of services, the infrastructure it requires, and its customer service to meet this growing demand, we are now expanding our workforce with a special emphasis on technical staff.

Retarus has already succeeded in increasing the number of technical employees by a remarkable 40 percent during the current business year. The cloud service provider has also shown impressive growth internationally, achieving a 42% net growth in staff numbers in the USA. In France and Italy, the number of employees has doubled within the last two months, despite the strict lockdown in place since March. At the moment, the recruiting and onboarding of new staff is accomplished almost exclusively using online tools in the home office, in accordance with highly structured onboarding programs.

Martin Hager, Founder CEO, Retarus

“Thanks to our innovative product portfolio and rock-solid business model, Retarus is in an excellent financial position,” says Martin Hager, CEO and founder of Retarus. “I’m glad that we have recently been able to impress so many highly competent, experienced professionals with the Retarus spirit and welcome them to our team. We are already registering increased demand for our services and are now preparing for the time after the crisis by expanding our staff, to ensure that our customers are always assisted by outstanding employees.”

Retarus is also planning to continue the large-scale expansion of its staff across the globe, especially seeking to recruit IT experts and sales representatives. The jobs we advertise also include positions for junior employees, such as apprentices, students, and graduates. For additional details and current job vacancies, visit

For further details please see our current press release.


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