Retarus donates 100,000 euros to victims of the war in Ukraine

Retarus donates 100,000 euros to victims of the war in Ukraine

Retarus has made over 100,000 euros immediately available for aid projects that help people fleeing the war from Ukraine. This amounts to roughly 220 euros per employee.

All 13 of Retarus’ country organizations, including Romania, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the USA, are receiving a share of the total donation proportional to their number of employees to support whichever local projects they prefer. In Munich, the company has also made its company apartment available to a refugee family which has fled from Ukraine.

Just how crucial it is to take a clear stance at this time is underlined by Martin Hager, Founder and CEO of Retarus: “We’re apalled by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, which is increasingly being waged on the civilian population on a large scale. It is absolutely unjustifiable. In this hour of need, we have a duty to provide quick and unbureaucratic assistance to those who have fled their homes, while also supporting the aid workers in our neighboring countries which border Ukraine. We earnestly hope that all hostilities and acts of war are swiftly brought to an end and that negotiations lead to lasting peace and freedom for the people living in Ukraine.”

For further details please see our current press release.

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