One SMS Long Code for many inboxes

One SMS Long Code for many inboxes

Retarus customers using SMS for dialogue communication can now dynamically allocate incoming short messages to multiple inboxes or desktops.

This is made possible by a new extension added to the Retarus Cloud SMS Services SMS2Mail and Retarus Mail2SMS services, which can be activated by simply checking a box in the EAS portal. Once this setting has been selected, the SMS reply to the dialogue will be forwarded to the email address which has most recently sent a message from the Desktop to the responding SMS number.

Save costs with only one SMS long code

Instead of assigning several long code SMS numbers for incoming two-way SMS, companies can now use just one number in combination with the new, dynamic routing option and so save on the costs incurred for numerous long codes.

Two-way SMS for bi-directional communication makes true dialogue per SMS possible. One can send and receive messages directly using the email client or an application. This allows companies to carry out quick confirmation or coordination processes with customers, partners or staff, as well as powering a multitude of other use cases. The long and short codes required are made available by Retarus around the globe.

See how industries integrate transactional SMS into their day-to-day business.

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