M2M and A2P SMS: Business communication between applications, people and machines

M2M and A2P SMS: Business communication between applications, people and machines

Messenger services aside: Application-to-people (A2P) SMS or communicating via SMS in general continues to enjoy a very high degree of popularity in everyday business. An SMS always attracts a considerable level of attention, no matter whether it’s a customer, partner or employee who needs to be informed or notified. To receive SMS or other text alerts there is no need for any specific app and recipients may be using any device – be it the latest iPhone or the good old Nokia 3210. An SMS message reaches the addressee even if the mobile data network is down for a while or the mobile phone owner is spending time in a foreign country without a roaming plan. So if you need to send local or global SMS from your applications, you are on the safe side with Retarus.

A2P SMS integration facilitates customer dialogue

As practical as SMS may be as a notification channel, like any other means of communication it only really develops its full potential when used as a tool for dialogue. To make it possible for companies to communicate in dialogue with their customers or employees by means of SMS, Retarus has developed a whole range of SMS services. When using Retarus SMS to Applications for instance, incoming short messages are automatically pushed into the corresponding business application. In this way, responses such as customer reactions and SMS replies can be entered directly into the CRM system for further processing. The processing can include, for example, an automatically generated, yet personalized, reply from the customer service department via sms from applications. This is how business communication SMS works!

Integration of SMS from & to applications facilitates customer dialogue

Especially now in the age of the digital factory, when machines are increasingly communicating with each other and also distributing messages directly to employees, the integration of SMS into existing IT systems is gaining in importance. Nowadays mobile machines and vehicles already continually send short messages about their current operational status to the company headquarters. Thanks to the data collected and analyzed in this way, it becomes possible to predict the need for servicing and maintenance before a breakdown actually occurs.

In addition to the M2M SMS and A2P SMS communication, Retarus naturally also facilitates messaging between humans. When using SMS2Mail Retarus customers can conveniently receive messages directly on their desktop via their email client – and just as easily send SMS from email applications using Mail2SMS.

To find out more about Retarus’ range of SMS services please click here or contact your local Retarus contact person.

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