Still in school and thinking about a job in IT?

Still in school and thinking about a job in IT?

Students currently taking courses in IT might be wondering about the skills they will need to get a good job when they graduate.

We talked with Retarus’ Sascha Ludeck, Director IT Services & Operations, IT Implementation & Support USA. Since Sascha hires IT personnel, we asked him what a student might do to distinguish himself or herself from the pack.

Sascha gave some sage advice, “Show your interest in IT.” Hiring managers will be impressed with your passion and energy. When you interview, make sure you talk about the apps you programmed for a course, your server and how you investigated the DNS path on your home and school computers.

Here is some more of Sascha’s advice:

Take courses such as

  • Software Development – learn a programming language like Java and C++. Even though a position might not require coding, it is important to be familiar with programming languages and how to use them on a network or application.
  • Computer Networking – learn about Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Data Center Networking and Content Distribution.

Learn the Basics in Depth

Understand the IT issues facing companies today.

If you are looking at an abbreviation like SMTP, it is important to learn what Simple Mail Transfer Protocol means in a Cloud-based messaging company.

Get an Internship

Nothing speaks louder to the potential employer than experience.

Often a student feels as if he or she is trapped in a chicken-egg dilemma. No job without work experience, no job, no opportunity to gain professional experience, etc. An internship can help to get out of this vicious circle.

One of the possible outcomes of a summer internship might be a job. Treat the internship like a job and find out what you will be doing. If you seem engaged and enjoy the work, then this will translate to the employer, that you would like a job offer. If the internship is not for you, then the experience you garner at the workplace will serve you well for the future.

Put time into your resume

Resumes should be clear and easy to read.

List any courses you might have taken outside of school as well as hackathons, robotics clubs or app competitions. Sascha warns that anything on your resume must be explainable to your interviewer. If you were to write, “Worked with DNS” then know what DNS means. Do not use IT lingo and abbreviations unless you know what you’re talking about.

All this is great advice, and if you are interested in a Cloud Messaging summer internship at Retarus Inc. in Secaucus, NJ, then please visit our Career Portal and contact Fae Brown, HR Manager, Finance & Commercial Operations USA for additional information. (W): +1 201 268-5916, (F): +1 201 205-1601, (M): +1 201 456-0704

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