WebConnect for Suppliers enhanced by new functions

WebConnect for Suppliers enhanced by new functions

Entering order confirmations manually is time-consuming and prone to error. Retarus WebConnect for Suppliers now enables you to automate this process. Suppliers are neither required to register themselves nor log in, as they can access the order directly by way of a secure link. Retarus WebConnect for Suppliers is easier to use than any other WebEDI solution, allowing order confirmations to be sent with only two clicks of the mouse.

Now, our team of developers has enhanced WebConnect for Suppliers, and the following new features are available with immediate effect:

Amending and canceling orders

To err is human – an incorrect article number or the wrong order quantity can easily creep into an order. Or a supplier may initially reject the order due to it including incorrect prices, and request a corrected order. Making these changes is now effortless using WebConnect for Suppliers. The order can simply be corrected accordingly in your own ERP system and sent out again.

Retarus recognizes that the resent order represents an amendment to a previously sent order and updates the details of the existing one. The supplier, in turn, is informed of the correction via email and can access the amended data by way of the original WebConnect link. The original order can still be viewed in read-only mode, but can no longer be edited or reactivated.

If the need should arise, an order can also be canceled completely. When the order is resent out of the ERP system, Retarus receives a cancellation notice and deactivates the original order immediately. Here too, the supplier is given the option of viewing the original order, but no other interactions are possible.

Activity tracking

Thanks to the flexible access management allowed by WebConnect for Suppliers, suppliers are able to access an order without needing personalized credentials. This provides benefits such as simplifying the allocation of responsibilities and proxy representation, which in the past often required users to pay for an additional account. To ensure the ability to conclusively track which user has made specific changes to an order, WebConnect now boasts an activity tracking feature. The system records anonymized activity logs, through which both customer and supplier have the opportunity to follow amendments and interactions clearly at all times.

Order additionally provided as PDF

In addition to pure EDI data, Retarus now also offers the option of automatically generating a human-readable PDF. This can then optionally be attached to the notification email sent out to the supplier, downloaded via the WebConnect portal or both. In this way, the supplier can download the order and save it in their system. Of course, Retarus can also handle hybrid formats. If the customer’s system already generates EDI and PDF data at the same time, WebConnect for Suppliers is also able to forward the PDF part on to their suppliers.

To find out just how convenient and intuitive WebConnect for Suppliers is for those providing services and goods, you can now take advantage of the opportunity to try it out within a test environment.


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