Webinar with Forrester’s Paul McKay

Webinar with Forrester’s Paul McKay

Paul McKay, Senior Analyst from the Security and Risk Team at Forrester Research, will give you valuable insights into current IT security trends for Europe in a Retarus webinar on 30 September at 14.00 (CEST).

Paul McKay will explain why the need for secure email is putting IT security managers and CISOs under increasing pressure. These days, they to secure entire business units and select the right services to protect their company and its vital communication channels – including those of employees working from home.

After the ECJ recently declared the “Privacy Shield” invalid, the expert will also discuss the new due diligence obligations for US companies that want to work with service providers in Europe. Companies must review their incident response strategies and accompanying operational processes, as model clauses and binding corporate rules are also at risk.

Paul McKay will also explain how this affects cloud solutions and on-premises infrastructures. He will provide examples of effective strategies and currently available email security solutions. Last, but not least, he will also address the Brexit issue.

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