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Le grand bond en avant des entreprises grâce à Intelligent Capture

Les performances exceptionnelles de la solution Retarus Intelligent Capture séduit de grandes entreprises et a été reconnue par un rapport Gartner® en 2021.

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Business Trends Fax

Why digitalization stands to benefit from the fax standard

No longer restricted to a sheet of heat-sensitive paper rolling out of a machine, fax has grown up and become a reliable, universally accepted standard for the transfer of written information. You can read more about Retarus’ Global Delivery Network, Information Logistics and Cloud Services from Gartner, where we also offer you the opportunity to download their “Hype Cycle for Imaging and Print Services, 2016”.

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Business Trends Cloud News

Retarus Again Listed as a Sample Vendor for “Enterprise-Level Cloud Faxing” in Gartner Hype Cycle

In Gartner’s recent Hype Cycle for Imaging and Print Services, the IT analysts describe the development life cycles of printing technologies, software and services, which assist IT decision-makers in their search for the appropriate solutions that can fulfill their specific requirements. Gartner classifies « Enterprise-Level Cloud Faxing » as being on the « Slope of Enlightenment ».

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