From paper to ERP systems: Digitize order forms and automate processing

Particularly in the ordering process, there is inevitably some unwanted media and integration disruption. Many retailers simply do not have the technical capability and financial means to transmit data in a structured way. As a result, they use template-based paper order forms or unstructured electronic forms. Entering such orders manually in an ERP system is always time-consuming for employees. Retarus EDI Cloud Services can facilitate the automation of manual order processes to a significant extent.

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Retail sales success: The means of communication makes all the difference

In order to keep all staff up to date regarding sales and marketing campaigns, retailers must rely on communication channels that function effectively. But which channel is most suitable for this task? How can the company ensure that all branch offices are informed simultaneously and dependably? Multi-channel messaging platform Retarus WebExpress is able to cover the widest imaginable range of scenarios.

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