Fax is a mandatory field

Fax is a mandatory field

How can it be that so many people consider fax to be antiquated and anachronistic? It certainly can’t have anything to do with the contemporary application of the technology.

In my Twitter timeline I recently stumbled (virtually) upon this tweet from Sébastien Delorme, who mocks the fact that entering a fax number on a website or in an application could still be mandatory in 2018:

Presumably when Mr. Delorme hears the word fax, like for so many people, it probably conjures up an image for him of a fax machine filled with a roll of heat-sensitive paper. However, it appears to have escaped his radar that fax still remains the messaging protocol with the most compliance features. And in these times of digital transformation the medium now functions totally uncoupled from the hardware requirements of fax machine or fax server – as a fax service from the cloud, which provides totally new benefits.

In Retarus’ Global Delivery Network, for instance, it offers optimum delivery rates, intelligent routing and capacity on demand. We can add value to incoming faxes using barcode recognition and OCR, enabling us to forward structured data straight into your systems. And talking about systems: Thanks to open standards, Retarus Fax Services can be connected with business or cloud applications from virtually all producers – for example by means of a web service via RESTful API or through standard interfaces and protocols such as SMTP, SFTP and HTTPS.

Retarus Cloud Fax Services are backed up by complementary services, such as long-term archiving, and tailored service level agreements (SLAs) as well as first-class service and support – on request with your own personal service manager. Learn more about Retarus’ Cloud Fax Services, Fax APIs or contact your local Retarus contact person.

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