Innovative since 1992: How Retarus enables new business processes

Innovative since 1992: How Retarus enables new business processes

“Retarus’ vision is to create the perfect network for the global economy. Therein, Retarus manages the safe and efficient flow of information for enterprises around the world.” But how is this actually done in the real world? Taking a closer look at Retarus’ comprehensive portfolio, it doesn’t take long to notice that a whole raft of communication channels are on offer for the flow of essential information: the full range from email, SMS or EDI all the way through to fax or SAP systems. At the end of the day, it is actually not the medium itself that occupies center stage. A look at the history of the company shows that the innovative developments over the years have generally kept a close eye on the business processes of customers – regardless of which channel is finally employed to meet the customer’s needs.

A short history of innovation at Retarus: 1992 – Retarus is established by Martin Hager The newly founded company is the first Lotus Premium Partner to specialize in sales, consulting and operation of the LAN-based email system cc:Mail. Retarus is also the first service provider to offer communication services which are monitored 24×7. 1993 – Corporate fax services Retarus begins to transmit fax documents on behalf of its customers. Moreover, CIS:Link is developed. This software uses a single CompuServe user ID to provide all cc:Mail users with access to CompuServe email and forums. Retarus becomes the first service provider to link a LAN based email system with a public network. 1994 – Email security as a service Increasing importance of LAN email systems for business communication means that email security gains in relevance: Retarus develops its first AntiVirus protection as a managed service. 1997 – Retarus encrypts emails Retarus offers now also highly secure email encryption as a service. 2000 – Retarus Faxolution is certified by SAP Development of an interface for the Faxolution infrastructure, which enables the transmission of fax messages directly out of SAP systems. 2005 – Retarus eSign provides digital signatures Entry into the digital signature business with Retarus eSign. 2008 – EDI as a managed service The EDI and Business Process Management product portfolio becomes a pure managed service. 2014 – Retarus awarded with PCI DSS certification Retarus is the first messaging service provider to be awarded with the PCI DSS certification for both data centers and communication services.

Versatile business processes for widely diverse sectors

Today Retarus supports customers around the globe with businesses processes that could not be more diverse. A leading American medical laboratory is transmitting lab results results safely and securely via Retarus’ infrastructure directly into hospital operating rooms. An international car rental firm automatically dispatches confirmation notifications directly from its booking system to the mobile phones of its customers. Numerous logistics companies and technical customer service departments are able to reach their drivers and technicians instantly with minimum effort thanks to Retarus’ messaging services, allowing them to revise their routes without delay. And Retarus assists one of Germany’s largest retailers in informing all store managers about urgent product recalls, immediately and comprehensively.

Communication processes for the business model of the future

The future, however, awaits us with exciting challenges. Regarding Industry 4.0 alone, we can expect wide-ranging changes: from M2M and M2P communication to the digital exchange of design data and electronic invoicing. Manufacturing and delivery businesses are increasingly depending on cloud services to optimize their communications. Here, Retarus also assists in the digitalization process and ensures standardized data transfer across all media. And just as in 1992, it is the business processes which always serve as the points of departure for our product innovations.

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