No, the number of work emails is not decreasing

No, the number of work emails is not decreasing

On average, 42 emails are placed into every German business inbox each day. In fact, every 12th user is swamped by 100 or more emails. This was determined by the German digital association Bitkom through a representative survey, and we can assume that the situation is rather similar in other countries.

The outcome of 42 emails on average represents significant growth from the 26 messages reported two years ago (2018: 21; 2014: 18). To obtain the latest figures, Bitkom polled 497 corporate internet users.

Even so, 14 percent of those surveyed stated that they don’t communicate via email at all in connection with their work. What’s more, five percent receive fewer than ten messages a day. While 28 percent estimated their email volume to amount to between ten and 24 emails a day, around a quarter (24 percent) reported 25 to 49 messages. Finally, 13 percent of the participants receive between 50 and 74 messages on average, and 5 percent stated that they get 75 to 99 emails a day.

The COVID-19 pandemic not only accelerated digital transformation, but also breathed new life into email, according to Bitkom. Newer tools for collaboration have not replaced email, but are being used to complement it (so far). “Email is alive and well,” says Bitkom CEO, Dr. Bernhard Rohleder. “Especially when it comes to external communication or sending documents, email remains the standard channel.”

The survey is, of course, purely quantitative and doesn’t allow one to draw conclusions about how many of the emails received are relevant for the users or entail any need for action. Yet the sheer amount of messages makes it clear how crucial it is to protect email as a business-critical communication channel. You can find more information about Retarus’ Secure Email Platform on our website or directly from your local Retarus representative.


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