Make your business fast, digital and secure.

Modernize legacy faxing. Discover new potential.

Send and receive fax reliably in All IP environments, simplify your IT infrastructure, digitize analog business processes, and optimize workflows with Retarus Cloud Fax Services.
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Healthcare and Secure Document Delivery with Cloud Fax.

Safeguard protected healthcare information with a Cloud Fax vendor proficient in meeting the fundamental directives of the HIPAA Security Rule.
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Accompany the customer journey with text messaging.

Personalize communication processes, two-way SMS, and express delivery to all mobile networks globally – make effective messaging possible with Retarus Enterprise SMS Services.
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Öner Durmaz
Project Leader and Systems Consultant

In Retarus we have found a partner with which setting up and operating a scalable, cloud-based desktop SMS, fax and SAP fax solution functions very smoothly.

Stefan Hopf
Head of Messaging and Collaboration

In Retarus we have found a dependable partner for our e-mail communications. Thanks to their reliable and innovative solutions, we are very well protected against any threats, both now and in the future.

Stefan Bode
Director Information Technology

Email-to-Fax has not only saved us valuable time, but it also provides us with a fast and reliable way to communicate with our partners and insurance companies.