A Messaging Service Needs to Deliver

A Messaging Service Needs to Deliver

Whenever messages don’t reach their recipients as intended, it can get really costly.

Take fax, for example. And we’re not even talking about a player transfer failing spectacularly shortly before the transfer window shuts. Rather the more mundane case of a delivery service sending an order by fax straight from its system to a restaurant, where it is not received correctly – for instance, because the fax machine connection has recently changed to All IP. Then the process needs to be escalated in the call center and the desired pizza topping has to be communicated over the phone. This results in the platform operator incurring significantly higher costs than if the fax had simply gone through smoothly. And these additional costs quickly add up to huge amounts considering the sheer volume of faxes such companies send on a daily basis.

Retarus will soon be celebrating a quarter century of messaging expertise. So we are not so shy about insinuating  that with our in-house developed platform, which extends right down to the protocol and hardware level, our Global Delivery Network (from our local data centers we are also able to deliver to purely domestic fax numbers) with carrier grade equipment, our unique Never-busy technology and our optimized multi-carrier routing, we achieve appreciably higher delivery rates than conventional fax servers. For our customers this means hard cash saved on process costs for undelivered faxes – in many cases the service pays for itself entirely in this way.

And we are proud to state: Our managed service with real-time monitoring, reporting for outbound and inbound fax which allows analyses over months of service, plus short-term archiving for disaster prevention is a truly premium service. But well worth its price through increased deliverability alone. Anyway, thanks to the cloud service model Retarus charges its customers only for the actual use of the services. Leaving them to concentrate on their core business – after all, messaging is ours.

Find out more about Retarus Cloud Fax Services here or directly from your local contact person.

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