Your Favorite Team (and Maybe Your Company) Need to Look at How They Handle Messaging

Your Favorite Team (and Maybe Your Company) Need to Look at How They Handle Messaging

Episode 2

The transfer window is still open and the football club who received the ransom request is considering paying the cyber criminals in order to keep the player transfer both secure and viable (not to mention to keep the information private, away from other teams).

Despite the club’s unfortunate circumstances, they still need to keep the flow of information – and contract negotiations – alive. Business must continue. This is primarily handled by fax. This football club, just like many others (and companies throughout all verticals and industries around the world) rely on the fax machine for much of their secure document and business workflows.

As the IT department attempts to recover parts of the ransomed emails…the transfer window continues to close. The clock is ticking. Even if they are able to retrieve some of the stolen information back from the cyber criminals, it will likely be incomplete. This makes the document too difficult to understand. In the face of all this, the club still needs to get the contract sent via fax very soon…the transfer window is only open for a few more hours… and after it is sent, it still needs to be signed by the other club in order for the transfer to be finalized.

The clock ticks away and millions of Euros are riding on a few fax documents. The transfer window closes in minutes. Everyone’s attention is on getting the documents and signing the new player. The last thing they are thinking about is the complex network and infrastructure that enables the instant digital transfer of data… What if the fax machine runs out of paper? What if the toner is low and the document is unable to be read? These sound like unlikely scenarios, but they are very much real examples, and current! Similar problems like this have actually happened and players were unable to be transferred to new teams, resulting in millions of Euros being lost.

What if they had used a cloud fax service from the beginning?

The Truth Behind the Fiction

Back in 2015 the Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea’s transfer from the Manchester United football club to Real Madrid failed due to a reported fax issue.

How many times did you send a fax but got a reply saying that nothing was received? Or you tried sending a fax but the connection failed? Replacing traditional fax with cloud fax services makes the transfer of documents more secure, efficient, and reliable.

What if they had used a cloud fax service from the beginning: the more secure way to transfer sensitive information that is also more environmentally friendly (thanks to no need for paper and toner cartridges). With unlimited scalability and no peaks, the documents, data, and critical information flow smoothly… out of reach of cyber criminals.

Check out how Adidas trusts Retarus. To learn more about how your relationship with fax can improve, feel free to reach out to one of our specialists.


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