E-Mail Live Search allows deeper insight

E-Mail Live Search allows deeper insight

With the new E-Mail Live Search function, Retarus is making a powerful, new tool available to admin and support staff at its E-Mail Security customers.

“Happy help desk!” says our CEO, Martin Hager. “Speed,” declares Bernhard Hecker, Director Product Management. Jens Weber, who developed the new Live Search, adds “transparency”. And product manager Antje Sommer e-mailed me her description as “step by step process details”. A whole range of differing perspectives and potential answers to my question: What do you personally feel is the killer feature of our new E-Mail Live Search?

Of course, you will have to find out for yourself what you think the killer feature is. Generally, as the name suggests, you can use Live Search to search for specific e-mails in virtually real time and find out, for instance, why a particular message has not been delivered or has been placed in quarantine, with which virus an e-mail was infected or whether the malware was identified by Patient Zero Detection®.

E-Mail Live Search quickly and efficiently delivers results when searching for errors in the delivery of e-mails, making the efforts for internal support at our customers significantly easier and reducing their workload substantially. For each e-mail it is possible to track in detail which filters were  applied and at which point in time the message ran through the Retarus  infrastructure. Basic Search, which already provides a wide range of search options, is included free of charge. Those needing more sophisticated search capabilities, however, will have the option of booking Advanced Search for a reasonable fee  at a later date. Stay tuned for more details in due course right here!

Retarus E-Mail Security eases the load on business communication efforts. This means that your teams are left with a lot more time for their core tasks. Individual settings ensure that user and administrator inboxes only contain relevant e-mails. At a glance, E-Mail Security reports provide a clearly structured summary of all spam messages and viruses which have been filtered out. Meaningful, informative statistics allow for new insights and lay a solid foundation for future decisions. You can find more details here or directly from your local Retarus contact Person.

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