Encryption made easy: Safe emailing without S/MIME and PGP

Encryption made easy: Safe emailing without S/MIME and PGP

Secure communication always depends on two parties. Far too often, the exchange of encrypted emails fails due to the other communication partner. What can be done if the other party uses neither S/MIME nor PGP? The solution is a secure portal, which can only be accessed via HTTPS. Such a website provides users with the opportunity to communicate securely via email with partners who don’t utilize any email encryption processes.

Communicate securely with all your business partners

Retarus offers Retarus Secure Webmailer as a solution to this problem. When a customer uses this service, confidential messages are saved in an encrypted form within the Retarus infrastructure. The recipient receives a separate email containing a direct link to the message. The recipient can then securely access the email which is stored on the portal via an HTTPS connection whenever convenient and also send an encrypted response directly via the portal. The mailbox belonging to the communication partner can be configured to remain in existence indefinitely or to be deleted automatically after a pre-defined period of time.

As an alternative to transmitting the message to the Retarus Secure Webmailer portal, it is also possible to send the full contents of the encrypted message directly to the recipient within a password protected PDF document. In addition to the text of the email, this document also contains all documents attached to the original message. By entering the decryption key, the recipient can access the confidential message.

Smooth technical operations

Customers who use this service are as well on the safe side regarding legal compliance, because as an internet service provider Retarus is subject to any applicable local law. This unburdens the technical operations considerably and saves our customers from carrying out a series of bureaucratic and legal measures.

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