Faxolution for Windows – simply enterprise

Faxolution for Windows – simply enterprise

We have released a substantial update for our Retarus Faxolution for Windows service. While many of the enhancements are hidden “under the hood”, they all have a great impact on the service: improved usability, better performance, increased compliance, and enhanced future-readiness.

  • Simply future-proof. Client, server, back-end – state of the art IT engineering and cutting-edge technology. Consistently geared for high levels of availability and ready for the future.
  • Simply compliant. USA, Switzerland or Germany? When installing the service, you are now able to conveniently specify in which data centers your fax jobs will be processed.
  • Simply professional. With the new RTF editor, you can create fax cover sheets in your own corporate design more quickly and easily. Make a positive impression on your recipients 100% of the time.
  • Simply secure. The transmission of your fax jobs via Retarus’ Enterprise Cloud can now take place even more securely due to our support for new encryption protocols.

To benefit from these improvements, simply update your application*.

Should you have any questions about Retarus Faxolution for Windows or any of the new options, we would be glad to hear from you.

*You can download the latest client version here.


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