Filtering emails according to geographical origin: Retarus allows Geo IP Blocking at cloud level

Filtering emails according to geographical origin: Retarus allows Geo IP Blocking at cloud level

Retarus’ Predelivery Logic service analyzes and blocks emails according to individual rules upon reaching the Retarus Enterprise Cloud – in other words, before e-mails reach the company’s own infrastructure.

This enables IT managers to control all emails by their own self-defined sets of rules – each consisting of conditions and actions – and organize all traffic according to their specific requirements. In addition to the comprehensive protection provided by Retarus Email Security, Predelivery Logic can be used to create various sets of company-specific rules to enhance security. For example, process emails specifically on the basis of their country of origin.

Automatic identification of GEO IP according to individual rules

Especially in the current political situation, some customers feel the need to isolate all messages from a certain region or country as a precaution. This may be due to pure security considerations or internal compliance requirements. The Predelivery Logic rules allow identification by “Source IP Country” and can automatic initiate the client-defined action. Depending on the configuration, this may involve, for example, isolating the message in the user quarantine or blocking it completely by the corporate IT department. In addition to the geographical origin, it is also possible to recognize the language used in the email body and have it trigger automatic actions.

General measures by Retarus

In addition to the customer-specific options offered by Predelivery Logic, Retarus closely monitors the development of the current situation at the infrastructure level and is in close contact with the relevant authorities. Immediate measures, such as the blocking of relevant IPs and domains, are initiated by our experts as soon as they become known and without needing any involvement on the part of the customer. The relevant regulations are reviewed on an ongoing basis and adjusted as necessary.

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