Growing eDiscovery and Searchable Fax PDF Market

Growing eDiscovery and Searchable Fax PDF Market

Businesses are seeking technology that will increase productivity and profits by reducing their costs. Efforts have been made to make mission critical daily functions and processes more efficient without compromising quality or privacy. To fulfill these increases in efficiency, eDiscovery technology has been a significant market force. International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that worldwide eDiscovery services and software passed $10 billion at the end of 2015. The total eDiscovery market is forecast to grow at a 9.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) pushing combined software and services over $14.7 billion by 2019.

While in 1996 only 5% of discoverable information was in an electronic format, today in 2016 that number is reaching 97%. In 2016, more companies will systematically tackle a critical aspect of eDiscovery readiness as a result of changing requirements. Included in that approach is fax communication.

Converting faxes into searchable PDF documents facilitates eDiscovery

Any business organization, whether big or small, always finds itself receiving hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of faxes on a regular basis. All of these documents are required to be reviewed, analyzed, and organized. These same messages can even be copies for further distribution or during an investigation. If the document is not properly handled, privacy can be compromised. The ability to convert a fax into searchable PDF documents enables faster processing and distribution of your stored information, and facilitates the eDiscovery process.

Retarus’ Cloud Fax searchable PDF service contains an embedded code in a fax message, which provides a state of the art method to improve auditing, investigation or litigation processes. Companies can automate fax processing based on the ability to search for a fax from your desktop archive. Retarus’ cloud services enable the review of electronic fax documents and corresponding delivery reports required during official audits or litigation. With searchable fax PDFs you not only prepare yourself for legal matters, you also save a lot of time during further processing.

Searchable fax PDFs that offer strict data protection and security compliance

Financial, Health and Automotive organizations are especially drawn to this system to collect and to process all possible searchable fax PDFs and the associated delivery sheets. One of the major benefits of this Retarus’ service is having your information and meta data on your company’s own data servers which can filter information when needed for either an audit and/or legal request. The collection of this information allows only authorized personnel to review individual documents to determine relevance in a legal situation.

The Retarus eDiscovery capability is easy to use and is compatible with document storage systems. It can be integrated through several standard interfaces such as SMTP (Fax-to-email), FTP or web services without installing new software. This service needs no additional hardware and no maintenance. Documents are processed securely through Retarus’ Searchable PDF Fax services.

Search faxes with no additional OCR imaging required

Get control of your faxed documents and run full-text searches across millions of fax documents in minutes, with Retarus an expert in Cloud Fax Messaging services, you will be able to quickly search faxes with no additional OCR imaging required. In addition, Retarus Fax2Mail and Mail2Fax among other things, lets you use eDiscovery in Office 365 to search for fax content. The Retarus fax services can be directly integrated to conveniently send and receive fax and SMS from Microsoft 365.

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