Finance: The three biggest challenges IT decision-makers face today

Digitalization, demanding customers and new competitors: the pressure on providers of financial services to consider making fundamental changes to their business models is continually on the rise. Eberhard Rohe, Account Director Business Development Banking and Insurance at Retarus outlines the three biggest challenges which traditional banks in particular have to set for themselves today.

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Finance: Digitization starts with communication processes

Multichannel communication, online and mobile payment options and increasingly stringent regulatory provisions: Finance institutions are certainly not lacking in challenges. At the same time, the way in which customers communicate with their banks is undergoing significant change. Banks are compelled to react to these new market conditions more quickly and flexibly than ever. They benefit from communication processes.

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Growing eDiscovery and Searchable Fax PDF Market

Businesses are seeking technology that will increase productivity and profits by reducing their costs. To fulfill these increases in efficiency, eDiscovery technology has been a significant market force. Financial, Health and Automotive organizations are especially drawn to this technology to collect and to process Searchable Fax PDFs and the associated delivery sheets.

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