It shouldn’t take your vendor crashing to finally consider reliable infrastructure

It shouldn’t take your vendor crashing to finally consider reliable infrastructure

On January 30, we were supposed to lead a webinar. Supposed to. And then the unthinkable happened. With seven minutes before the start of the session – and with hundreds of people signed up – the webinar platform crashed. Cue pure panic: every marketer’s nightmare has come to fruition.

What is left to do in this situation? You contact support (but you can’t reach anyone this urgently), you check the status page (nothing useful about getting the vendor back online), you send a tweet or two (hoping for a miracle). All that is left is to go into contingency mode and begin crisis communications to the participants. You need to figure out how to tell your potential attendees what is happening and what is being done about it.

In this very real example, we were thankfully prepared for this worst-case scenario and able to pivot. We recorded the session for on-demand viewing. But this circumstance is not unique and happens all too frequently. It really makes you think about how you must plan for the unexpected and what you need to consider in your vendor selection process. For those vendors dealing with critical business processes, the bar needs to be set much higher. It’s a moot point that it was not our service that went down: when your vendor fails, it is seen as your failure.

Coincidentally enough, the content we were planning on talking about in the webinar covers these exact topics. To briefly summarize: you need a vendor which can provide enterprise-level capabilities to solve modern challenges across your organization’s business-critical messaging.  Having not only enhanced reliability, dependable infrastructure, and robust security, the vendor also needs to be able to take the stress away from your organization.

Retarus prides itself on its ability to provide best-in-class cloud messaging that simply works. Always. No downtime. No maintenance windows. And just in case, 24x7x365 support (with a live person) to ensure that we are there for our clients when they need us most.

Feel free to view the full webinar here:


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