My People at the Heart of My Messaging

My People at the Heart of My Messaging

As part of the next more extensive update of Windows 10, Microsoft has announced an interesting new messaging feature.

By means of “My People” in the “Creators Update” for Windows 10 – slated for the start of the coming year – the software giant would like to account for the fact that while we have indeed long been communicating via numerous digital channels, we actually mainly communicate with only a few particularly important people (a fact thought to be equally true for both our private and work lives).

And it is precisely this supposed handful of contacts that Windows 10 will allow you to pin directly to your Windows task bar as “Talking Heads”. All manner of documents can be shared with these “My People” contacts directly by dragging and dropping the documents right on top of these contacts, sending them directly in this way. Incoming messages from these key contacts are also consolidated in Windows by means of a central pop-up, which combines various messaging channels such as email, instant messaging (Skype) and SMS (from Android smartphones and Windows phones). To reply to messages the user can easily switch applications and respond to an email with an SMS for instance.

In a similar fashion, Retarus also makes abstractions based on your communication habits. We ensure that your information flows quickly and securely – and select the technology or format that is best suited to your current needs. What matters to Retarus is the efficient exchange of information, whether it is between people or automated as machine-to-machine communication. You can find out more about Retarus Cloud Services here or directly from your local Retarus contact Person.

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