New Retarus White Paper sheds light on Peppol

New Retarus White Paper sheds light on Peppol

What is Peppol exactly? And which benefits does it aim to provide? How does the Peppol network work?

The international Peppol project aims to harmonize the entire procurement process, from the tender procedure right through to invoicing. Peppol requires all companies to develop the capability to exchange electronic documents such as catalogs, shipping documentation, orders and invoices with all public sector customers in a structured format. In future, any company submitting invoices to public sector organizations (B2G) will have to do so by electronic means (e-invoicing).

In our informative, free white paper “Peppol: Connecting with the public sector in Europe and worldwide”, we present the transnational project to you, outline its benefits and compare it with processes that have only been introduced in individual countries. You can download the white paper free of charge from the Retarus website.

The strictly defined conditions and dynamic interconnection of Peppol Access Points yield numerous technical and commercial benefits for electronic billing processes.    

Retarus supports the global development of a standardized means of exchanging invoices in the B2G and B2B sectors.

As a fully Certified Peppol Access Point, Retarus’ e-invoicing service sends and receives invoices effortlessly within the Peppol network.

Should you be interested in electronic invoicing for businesses, you will find a great deal of useful information on Retarus’ website.


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