Outsourcing? Sure, but now not only for the sake of cutting costs

Outsourcing? Sure, but now not only for the sake of cutting costs

The trend towards outsourcing is still on the rise according to Deloitte – but far from just looking to cut costs, companies are now focusing on bringing more innovation into their businesses.

Outsourcing is currently reinventing itself radically, Deloitte’s consultants have written, and provides an attractive way to integrate innovation into a company. Over a third (35 percent) of those who participated in the “Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2016” actually declared that they are already measuring the value added by the innovations generated through their outsourcing relationships. Service providers are responding by quickly developing themselves into centers of innovation, which provide their customers with opportunities for progress, improvement and renewal.

Service providers inject innovation into companies

According to the study, service providers are using innovative technologies to transform business processes.  And their customers are consequently enjoying a wide range of benefits, including accelerated speed to value (45 percent), shorter implementation times (30 percent) as well as a larger variety of functions. Beyond this, they also view the expertise offered by their service providers as an opportunity to mitigate legal and cyber security risks, while also enabling companies to cope better with mergers and acquisitions.

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Upheavals in the shape of cloud-based services are only the beginning, they go on to say. Deloitte sees a paradigm shift towards a completely new model for service delivery, in which robot-controlled and cognitive process automation, the internet of things and digital IT management all have part to play. The overlapping of conventional outsourcing and the current innovation drive could create further benefits for those companies who know how best to deploy them.

Companies aiming to outsource even more

Presumably this will lead to an increased utilization of outsourcing. Within the surveyed companies, the Finance (36 percent), HR (32 percent) and IT (31 percent) departments explicitly stated that they would be aiming to increase their use of outsourced services in the future. The study report is available in the original English language version as a free PDF download from Deloitte’s US website.

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