Retarus in the Singapore Business Review

Retarus in the Singapore Business Review

The “Singapore Business Review” website has published a commentary by Oliver Prevrhal, General Manager, Retarus Asia.

The piece titled “Email – Boon or Bane for Singapore” covers the double-edged sword email as an indispensable means of communication on the one hand and an attack vector for cyber crooks on the other. “Whilst the state has been strengthening Singapore’s cybersecurity and data protection ecosystem, businesses across the country still have their own responsibility to maintain a robust cybersecurity posture within their respective organisations,” writes Prevrhal.

Oliver Prevrhal, Managing Director, Retarus Asia

Oliver Prevrhal, Managing Director Retarus Asia

The Retarus manager then points out that a dual approach combining IT updates and cybersecurity training for employees is the best way to protect enterprises from cyber threats. With proper education, staff can easily detect phishing emails, preventing security breaches that may lead to grave financial losses. You can read the whole article on the SBR website.

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