Stop the aging: US carriers moving forward for POTS decommissioning

Stop the aging: US carriers moving forward for POTS decommissioning

As network carriers in the US are making changes to their legacy services like POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Service based on aging copper networks), businesses are advised to future-proof their communications and VoIP services by moving to more modernized infrastructures such as next-generation networks (NGN) or fiber-based networks. This has been a compelling topic of discussion, one that’s been on our radar since 2021 as highlighted in a previous Retarus blog.

There is an urgent need for changes, not only due to the related Federal Communications Commission (FCC) order for POTS phase out, but also regarding the following aspects:

  • Network carriers no longer want to maintain this aging infrastructure as more experienced technicians retire.
  • Replacement parts are becoming more expensive and rarer.
  • The POTS customer base is shrinking with more and more users migrating to IP-based networks every day.

Preserving outdated technologies and services leads to a slower transition to next-generation networks and innovative services that benefit businesses across the US.

That is why carriers are making a lot of changes, some of which are: discontinuing service offerings, increasing POTS prices, and investing considerable capital into modern fiber networks.

To further incentivize users and businesses to move away from legacy copper networks, carriers are investing less in the service and have deceased support for it. This has become more than a regulatory issue, with direct impact on the economics and service quality of business operations.

POTS lines are still widely used in the US for connecting analog fax machines. This is the perfect time to transition to a cloud-based solution and take advantage of an innovative and advanced communication service. Benefit from digitization, visibility, scalability, and the advantage of a managed solution.

Cloud Fax is built for change

Fax commonly plays a vital role in critical business processes. It is a trusted communication channel that facilitates reliable and secure document transmission throughout the manufacturing, healthcare, financial, trade, and logistics industries.

Why do enterprises around the world rely on Retarus Cloud Fax? For the transition towards next-generation networks and innovative IP-based solutions, Retarus Cloud Fax offers a giant leap for business communications, enabling them to accelerate workflow automation and enhance productivity.

Retarus Cloud Fax is the best companion for All-IP environments. Stress-free integration and worry-free fax data transmission thanks to superior support and next-generation networks. Faxes are no longer sent via the telecommunication provider’s VoIP infrastructure. Instead, they are sent directly via Retarus’ data centers, which have a redundant connection to multiple carriers and unlimited scalability to always meet demand. This effectively prevents packet losses due to resource bottlenecks, even when the fax volume is high.

For seamless migration, businesses can easily port their existing fax numbers to the Retarus Cloud Fax solution. This ensures that these numbers won´t be shut off and saved for continued use.

Act now and modernize your companies fax communication into the cloudification era! Take advantage of a proven enterprise-level cloud solution and find out more about Retarus Cloud Fax Services on our website! We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to contact a  local Retarus representative for more details.

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