Successful SAP Ariba connection with Retarus Managed EDI

Successful SAP Ariba connection with Retarus Managed EDI

With the Ariba platform, SAP is operating the largest B2B marketplace in the world, by its own account. When you use Retarus’ Managed EDI Service, you can be sure that connecting your company with the SAP Ariba Network is no trouble or effort at all.

Some companies – take a look, for instance, at this announcement from Mahle – are changing over to the Ariba platform for virtually all their dealings with suppliers, in order to optimize their purchasing processes comprehensively.  Any supplier who would like to continue their business relationship with such customers is then also forced to join the Ariba Network.

There are, however, a lot of aspects to consider – selecting the right type of account as a supplier, the administration of the procurement process in the Ariba portal, the commercial parameters and last, but not least, the new conditions for the interchange of data.

If you need to serve important or high-volume customers by way of SAP Ariba, then there is no getting around setting up a company account. Only in this way can data be exchanged electronically, and a digital catalog made available to customers. The price for this full-featured account is made up of a transaction fee (0.155 percent of the invoiced amount) and a subscription fee which is also based on the total amount of orders received.

When your business partners move their purchasing processes over to SAP Ariba, you need to migrate your existing EDI connections or add new ones. It is reassuring, then, to know that you can turn to a highly experienced partner like Retarus for support.

Retarus is not only already integrated into SAP Ariba as a “Listed EDI Provider”, but we also take an all-encompassing approach to managing all your EDI connections with SAP Ariba and your customers. It makes no difference at all whether your ERP solution is provided by SAP or another producer.

By the way: We are also able to take on your catalog data if required, should it not be possible to set up a direct punchout from your web shop to SAP Ariba.

Should you have any questions in this regard or would simply like to know more about Retarus Managed EDI Services, we would be pleased to help you at any time.

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