The Olympics and cybersecurity: risks and best practices for protecting email infrastructures

The Olympics and cybersecurity: risks and best practices for protecting email infrastructures

Cyberattacks targeting the public and private sectors in France are becoming increasingly common. In the run-up to the Olympic Games, warnings are multiplying.

An overview of the risks during the Games

Private companies, particularly those involved in the Olympic Games, will certainly be a prime target for cyberattackers. During the last Olympic Games in Tokyo, more than 815 cyber incidents per second were recorded. For the Paris Games, some cybersecurity professionals are predicting up to 10 times that number. Companies therefore need to be prepared to ensure business continuity while securing their data.

An event on the scale of the Olympics can be an opportunity for hackers to destabilize companies that are already cyber-defective or less prepared. The surface of attacks will be multiplied, and email is usually the first entry point for cybercriminals. It will therefore be crucial to secure communication channels centrally and independently of arrival points. The dissemination of official information from the organizations, institutions and companies involved in the Olympic Games may make it more difficult to identify spam. This can be explained by the fact that many users usually receive few emails of this type, and therefore find it difficult to recognize spam – or are simply less careful. The risk of QR code phishing (quishing) will also be amplified because of the widespread use of this format as a means of communicating official information and traffic in the Ile-de-France region.

How can companies equip themselves to reduce risks?

Outsourcing certain security services is an appropriate strategy, particularly for securing email flows and ensuring their continuity in the event of a breakdown in the email infrastructure caused by a cyberattack. Retarus’ Email Security solution guarantees this protection. 

The use of effective solutions against phishing, spam or zero-day attacks is also an essential investment. Priority should be given to the use of cloud solutions that operate completely independently of the company’s sites and the devices used. The cloud solutions offered by Retarus rely on a variety of integrated and always up-to-date data sources, as well as AI-based technologies to detect even the most recent or as yet unknown attack patterns. New types of phishing, such as QR codes, can also be identified more easily. This is particularly important in the context of evolving events that take place over time.

The Olympic Games are a good exercise in cyber-resilience, and companies should encourage the use of innovative tools to minimize the risks and their consequences!

Would you like to update your protection tools ahead of the Olympic Games – and beyond? Contact us!

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