Time to boost email security

Time to boost email security

Our support team recently dealt with a ticket which initially appeared to confound expectations. An email which had been retrieved from quarantine took an unusually long amount of time to be transferred to the user’s inbox.

It normally only takes a matter of seconds at most for a message in quarantine (placed there due to being suspected as spam or malware) to nevertheless be delivered to the recipient upon express request. As it had taken unusually long in this case, the customer turned to our support for clarification.

After looking into the case, the support team came to the following simple conclusion. After emails have been released from quarantine they are once again subjected to all booked modules of the Retarus Email Security service. And with the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service, a PDF attachment may well be sent to the sandbox, where it can be examined closely for potentially abnormal behavior within a secure environment.

This might, of course, take a little longer – but our customers can rest assured that their email communication is all the more secure, which is what we’re here for.

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