New Quarantine, New Administration, New Monitoring

New Quarantine, New Administration, New Monitoring

Over the upcoming month, users and admins of the Retarus Secure Email platform can look forward to exciting enhancements and valuable new features.

Following successful beta testing, we are now launching the new email quarantine for all existing customers from the middle of May. Our front end and back end development teams have really given their all to ensure a superior customer experience. The result is a lightning fast interface, which has also been optimized for display on mobile devices. The new features include an intuitive, easy-to-understand color scheme indicating the threat level, enhanced search options (e.g. for emails containing attachments or the reason for quarantining) as well as a new detailed view which provides additional information about any selected email.

The benefits added by the new enhancements include:  

  1. Increased working efficiency and time savings for every user
  2. Optimized, goal-focused layout, also on mobile devices
  3. Significantly improved performance with minimal loading times
  4. Immediate recognition of reason for quarantining and threat level thanks to an intuitive color scheme
  5. New detailed view, with additional information on each email
  6. Unburdens your internal IT due to easier direct search success for your users   

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all those who participated in the beta testing and provided us with valuable feedback!

Even prior to this new version, the quarantining options and configuration settings already went well beyond those offered by many competitors on the market. In the overview list of messages that have not been initially delivered due to security concerns, users are able to release each email from quarantine or always allow messages from the sender in question (whitelisting). The service moreover enables the general administration of whitelists and blacklists.

Above and beyond these options, the service also allows the design, frequency and delivery times of the quarantine digest to be set separately for workdays and weekends. The digest also already offers users the opportunity to allow messages that have self-evidently been quarantined erroneously to be delivered straight from the digest list. In addition, at the touch of a button users can request a quarantine overview of the previous two or 30 days to be instantly emailed to them.   

Enhancements for Administrators

Administrators can also look forward to useful new developments for managing the Secure Email Platform over the next few weeks. In the newly redesigned EAS portal (Enterprise Administration Services), the overview page for the Email Security service now contains a dashboard with meaningful KPIs and announcements.

The Live Search page includes new dedicated search contexts, e.g. for the phishing filter, sandbox, CxO fraud detection or our Europe-wide patented Patient Zero Detection (PZD).

As regards the administration of the service, several new features such as the External Sender Visibility Enhancements (ESVE) have already been made available for implementation and administration by Retarus’ Service Implementation team directly in the EAS portal – including a preview of the changes made. The product line teams for the Secure Email Platform and UI/UX are constantly striving to continue migrating an increasing number of functions to the new EAS portal, in order to provide an ever-growing range of self-service options.

Live Search functionality is also in the works for Retarus Transactional Email, the outbound component of our Secure Email Platform. This search function will allow users to refine search results by simply clicking on the “magnifying glass plus” icon that follows each respective item. In this way, details about the status of individual emails can be called up in quick time. And while we’re on the subject of Transactional Email: monitoring for our powerful SMTP engine has already gone live in the new EAS portal (Enterprise Administration Services).



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