We proudly present: The Retarus API Presenter

We proudly present: The Retarus API Presenter

Our Technical Consulting team is currently hard at work developing a new tool which will enable us to demonstrate the programming interfaces of our services on site at our customers as vividly as possible. In the future, the “Retarus API Presenter” will also be available for our channel partners to use.

Via a modern GUI, the relevant programming interface can be selected in the API Presenter, after which the required test details can be entered for all the respective API’s parameters, using a form containing input fields and dropdown lists. In this way, the process owner gains a good overview of the various options and benefits offered by each service.

Developers, in turn, can use the right half of the window to follow in real time how the transmitted JSON or other structured file adjusts according to the changing inputs, and which data the addressed Retarus service delivers back. The demonstration uses the actual production systems.

By way of an integrated directory service, the contact details of those following the presentation can also easily be entered into the system and used in the test transmission during the demo. Of course, these details are not saved when the tool is closed.

Retarus is currently putting the API Presenter through its paces within the Technical Consulting team. Appealing demo contents are also being added at the moment. Once the fine-tuning is done, we are looking forward to using the new tool to demonstrate our APIs to you!

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