What does ordering a Cheese Sandwich have to do with fax APIs?

One does not often consider the behind-the-scenes IT processes taking place to order a taxi ride on a crowded street from your smartphone. What about considering what exactly is required on your tablet or desktop computer to order food from your favorite restaurant. Finally, how about the steps for checking on the availability of a product you ordered in a store or online. How do businesses streamline their processes to make transactions seamless and simple for users, partners, and themselves?

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The pizza delivery man always rings twice: hot food thanks to messaging services

What does actually happen behind the scenes when an online food order is placed? How do platforms like Delivery Hero ensure that the order is received correctly at the take-away restaurant around the corner? And how can the delivery service ensure that the food arrives at the customer on time – in a hot and enjoyable state? From the order confirmation to the automatically generated delivery service order and on to the authentication – more and more internet portals are relying on Retarus’ managed services to support them in this regard.

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