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Scan to fax: los usuarios de PaperCut MF ya pueden enviar faxes con Retarus

Es todo un orgullo para Retarus anunciar su colaboración con PaperCut, que permitirá ofrecer un envío óptimo de faxes. De este modo, los usuarios ya pueden escanear documentos y enviarlos como fax a través del conector basado en API de Retarus, integrado en PaperCut MF.

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Cloud Industry

What does ordering a Cheese Sandwich have to do with fax APIs?

One does not often consider the behind-the-scenes IT processes taking place to order a taxi ride on a crowded street from your smartphone. What about considering what exactly is required on your tablet or desktop computer to order food from your favorite restaurant. Finally, how about the steps for checking on the availability of a product you ordered in a store or online. How do businesses streamline their processes to make transactions seamless and simple for users, partners, and themselves?

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